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This is were all the juggalette's pic's will be



Name: Veronika

Single and Looking

Age: 18

Location: Ohio




Name: Jul
Location: Michigan
Age: 15
Realationship Status: Single and Looking.
Shit I want in a lo: Sense of humor/Personality, Someone I can relate with, Have fun with, Be myself around. Isn't all about sex nor really wants it. Just wants a realationship for now. I tend to love tattoos and piercings. Trust. Honesty.
Aim: PurexwEedBliss
Yahoo: Fallingjuggalette or Tw1zt1d_love



Name: Rory aka Baby_lette
Location: Erlanger Ky
Age: 15
Single And Looking
What she is looking for in a lo: i want a killa that is down loves to bump da wicked shyt and knows how to treat a lette
Aim: Cr4zyB4by420